El Paso County Search and Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue, and education.

EPCSAR provides search and rescue services primarily in the jurisdiction of El Paso County, Colorado, under the authority of the El Paso County Sheriff.  However, the team also responds to requests for assistance from other counties through a cooperative arrangement with the Colorado Search and Rescue Board (CSRB). 

El Paso County Search and Rescue maintains certification through the international Mountain Rescue Association (MRA).  Our members, numbering, ranging from 50 to 65 strong, serve in a variety of roles while working towards a single goal: saving lives.

What We Do

EPCSAR specializes in search and rescue operations involving:

  • Rescue or medical assistance

  • Search for missing, lost, or overdue

  • Missing aircraft, balloon, or glider

  • Activated emergency locator transmitters (ELT)

  • Activated personal locator beacons (PLB)

  • Disaster operations (flood, blizzard/snowstorm, major fire, earthquake, tornado, etc.)

  • Technical rescue/recovery, such as: high angle, ice rescue, confined space, avalanche


EPCSAR is a non-profit, volunteer organization. All funding is derived from individual donations, grants, and other types of fundraising.  Our members spend countless hours of their free time - and occasionally their work time - training and learning so that they will be ready to respond to a search and rescue operation on a moment's notice.   Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support the EPCSAR organization.

About El Paso County

El Paso County lies in east central Colorado and encompasses more than 2,158 square miles.  The altitude ranges from about 5,095 feet in the eastern portion to 14,115 on the summit of Pikes Peak.

With over 150,000 acres (230 square miles) of open space, El Paso County is an outdoor enthusiast paradise, offering hunting, fishing, camping, rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking.


El Paso County Search and Rescue is a third generation organization. Its predecessors include the Mountain Aire C.B. Radio Club and the Wilderness Wanderers Search and Rescue Group. 

The Mountain Aire C.B. Radio Club, organized in 1963, was primarily a C.B. radio club, but did respond to some search and disaster situations. The Wilderness Wanderers Search and Rescue Group was formed in 1965 and its primary function was search and rescue. 

The present group was incorporated on April 8, 1970 as a nonprofit organization. In 1975, the group was accepted as a member of the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) and has become one of the most experienced rescue groups in Colorado.

Over the years, the team has built its skills and accumulated the necessary equipment to become a totally self-supporting field unit capable of providing all of its needs to maintain a field operation lasting several days.

The team's inventory of mountaineering equipment, medical gear, and radio equipment is extensive and was procured over a long period of time and hard work. In 1990, the team purchased a building to serve as an operational base, training facility, and location to store group vehicles and gear.


El Paso County Search and Rescue is a mountain search and rescue unit dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue, and mountain safety education.

The team is composed totally of volunteers and is available upon request to help mountain search and rescue problems anywhere in Colorado under the authority of the local county sheriff or in other states and countries under local authority.

The team is also available to provide information and lectures on mountain safety to interested individuals and groups. Our team prides itself on its many years of humanitarian service and its reputation for capability and safety.

In addition to training extensively in mountaineering skills and search and rescue techniques, members work diligently to improve their emergency medical capability. Most members are certified as Emergency Medical Responders, many are Emergency Medical Technicians, and a few are working paramedics or physicians.

We are non-paid professionals. There is never a charge for us to find or rescue people in need.

Mission Leaders

Patrick Kerscher: Operations Director

Brian Kinsey: Deputy Operations Director

Jeff Fladung: Deputy Operations Director

Tim Hayden: Deputy Operations Director

John Noll: Deputy Operations Director

Skee Hipszky: Field Medical Officer

Larry Dunn: Senior Coordinator

Mel Druelinger: Coordinator

Pat Burgess: Coordinator

 Board Members

President: Harland Baker

Vice President: Patty Baxter

Treasurer: Mike Connors

Director: Tim Hayden

Director: Brian Kinsey

Director:Tom Bagby

Director: Pat Burgess

Director: Eric Babcock

Director: Brian Adcock

Director: Phil Heuer