El Paso County Search and Rescue
Committed to saving lives through rescue and education.
  • There is never a charge for our service, year around, 24 hours a day
  • A non-profit 501(c)(3) Corporation
  • Funded solely through generous public donations and grants
Board Members

President - Harland Baker
Vice President - Patty Baxter
Secretary - Dana Heuer
Treasurer - Mike Connors
Director - Eric Babcock
Director - Teresa Taylor
Director - John Noll
Director - Tom Spencer
Director - Larry Gilliam
Director - Jeff Fladung
Director - Phil Heuer
Mission Leaders

Patrick Kerscher - Operations Director
Brian Kinsey - Deputy Operations Director
Jeff Fladung - Deputy Operations Director
Tim Hayden - Deputy Operations Director
John Noll - Deputy Operations Director
Skee Hipszky - Field Medical Officer
Larry Dunn - Senior Coordinator
Mel Druelinger - Coordinator
Pat Burgess - Coordinator
Larry Lewis - Reserve Coordinator
El Paso County Search and Rescue
3950 Interpark Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
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